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The Bit After the First Bit

My first blog post was in essence a story of the realisation of my own race and how this occurred within the very specific and impactful environment of being the black kid in a white school. Looking back, the article is horrifically flawed, full of unnecessary repetitions of points and fails to elucidate some of the finer points I attempted to make. But it does do a good job of raising a lot of issues faced by a lot of people - not just me. It also helped make a lot of people aware of their own actions and the effect they were having. I wrote a vastly improved version for MANDEM with my editors help if you'd like a read. I'd like to think, on some level, I have learnt since this first article, grown as a person and a writer perhaps. Regardless of whether I actually have, I'm going to give you a sequel, asked for or not, like Sony and their superhero movies. I just don't know when to quit.

So, if that was part one, this is part two.
The first article was written near th…

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