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Those who laughed at Grenfell

n.b. as you may have noticed this is over a year old, it was supposed to go in Redbrick but they couldn't publish it for contempt of court. So here it is to prove to employers I did actually write it.
On June 14th, 2017, the Grenfell Tower block went up in flames. 72 people died. The inquiry as to why, is ongoing. But the building did not meet safety standards and the fire spread so quickly due to the cladding, cladding that had been recently put on the building. Cladding that is in widespread use across the country. Suggestions come from many commentators that this tragedy would never have befallen a wealthier area, sentiments I strongly agree with. I whole-hearted believe that the tower block’s fate was sealed due to the wealth - or lack thereof - of its residents and the area. They were condemned through no fault of their own, the cladding was supposedly to improve insulation and appearance, could the money not have been better spent elsewhere? We could go back and forth about th…

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